Sky Italia

Sky Italia is an Italian digital satellite television platform owned by Sky plc. It is similar in lots of ways in Ireland, which is partly owned by 21st Century Fox to Sky in the United Kingdom and Sky Ireland, and enjoy that network this is a major sports broadcaster.

Pay TV services on Sky Italia are encrypted in NDS VideoGuard. The VideoGuard set-top boxes which have been provided since July 2010 are identical to the Sky HD boxes used in the UK. Rate, Amstrad and Thomson, all Digibox licensors, have been making Sky Italia cartons (Sky Box, Sky HD, My Sky and My Sky HD) identical to their Sky Digital, Sky and Sky HD offerings, albeit with the possible removal of the 2nd card slot and UHF modulator.

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 History of Sky Italia

The ‘Sky Digital Key’ is a USB device which needs to be connected to the ‘My Sky HD’ box and to the airborne cable, enabling the client to get every DTT SD and HD free channel on the Sky HD or My Sky HD box.

The ‘My Sky’ boxes launched on 22 November 2005 – based on a new digital receiver with HDD recording capabilities and surround sound output signal (not formerly accessible on the standard box). Afterwards, the ‘My Sky HD’ cartons (High Definition with HDD recorder) were added. The ‘My Sky HD’ service had been provided with an extra charge until July 2010, when it became a base line service. The service is functionally identical to the BSkyB Sky HD.

On 28 its brands and logos switched, making them identical to the BSkyB ones.

Sky Italia offers eight bundles of stations: five base-level ‘Channel Packs’ and three discretionary ‘Sky Packs’ enhancements.

The ‘Channel Packs’ are: ‘Amusement’ with 33 variety, show and semi-generalist channels (3 of them in HD); ‘Documentaries and Lifestyle’ with 17 stations (2 of them in HD); ‘Music’ with 16 stations and 27 audio stations; ‘Children’ with 21 stations; ‘News’ with 15 national, local and international news channels and 5 fundamental sport channels.

The ‘Sky Packs’ are the following: ‘Film’ with 12 movie channels (10 of them in HD), and a 3D station, Sky Cinema 3D (PPV Sky Primafila movies are 50% off for ‘Cinema’ subscribers); ‘Sport’ with 8 channels (5 of them in HD), and a 3D station, Sky Sport 3D; ‘Calcio’ with 15 channels (9 of them in High Definition) covering Italian and international football, the most popular sport in Italy, along with Sky Sport 24 (sport all-news channel), offered as bonus station for ‘Calcio’ subscribers.

The ‘Sky Primafila’ service offers pay per view movies, sport events and mature content (at night); the pay-per-view movies and some non-sport events are disseminated in 28 ‘Primafila’ channels (8 of them in High Definition);

one channel airs daily Penthouse TV High Definition programmes, available as a standalone premium station. Sky Primafila has got some likenesses to BSkyB’s Sky Movies Box Office.

The HD service has been offered without any additional cost since 2009. There are 37 HDTV stations so far airing on Sky, due to become 50 by the end of 2011.

On 1 Sky activated its first 3D station, Sky Sport 3D, available with no extra cost to the Sport pack subscribers.

The initial event Sky Sport 3D aired was the 2010 Ryder Cup. On 25 Sky found another 3D station: Sky Cinema 3D, airing 3D films, available for free for Theatre pack subscribers. These station have been replaced by Sky 3D on 6 September 2011.

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On many stations, foreign-sourced content is broadcast either with an option to choose between Italian and English language soundtracks (infrequently other languages), or with Italian subtitles.

Sky Italia uses the Hot Bird 6/8/9 satellites at 13.0°E, the same satellite fleet used by RAI, Tivù Sat, NOVA Greece, NOVA Cyprus, Cyfra and Cyfrowy Polsat.

After she’d resigned on 15 July 2011, the then head of Sky Italia, Tom Mockridge replaced Rebekah Brooks as chief executive of News International.

Andrea Zappia replaced Tom Mockridge as CEO on 1 August 2011. On 7 October 2011 Sky Italia announced it achieved the 5 million subscribers benchmark.

Following News Corporation’s split into two on 28 June 2013 to create two independent companies, 21st Century Fox (the re-branded News Corporation), and also the spin off company New News Corp, the 100% position held by News Corporation in Sky Italia was retained by the re-branded 21st Century Fox.

The enlarged firm would be likely to be called “Sky Europe” and it’s going to combine 21st Century Fox’s European digital TV assets into one company. The sale was announced on 25 July 2014 which was subject to regulatory and shareholder approval. The acquisition was completed on 13 November.