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How To Create CCcam Cfg File


a lot of linux based sattelite receivers need CCcam.cfg file with your ccCam lines information in order to work with Cccam Server Or Cardsharing… Clients can  ask their providers for a CCcam.cfg file but no more . you can do it by yourself and getting things done…

Don’t worry this method is pretty easy to understand and anyone can do it..

So we’re going to start :

Step One :  Create A Plain Text Document

Step 2: put your Cccam Lines , Ports , UserName And Passwords exactly like shown below.

( The Normal Format For Showing Lines)

C: server port user pass

Step 3: Now From The Top left of your Text Editor (Notepad or TextEdit)  , Click File -> Save as

Step 4: There is a new window coming up , then from the below next to the TYPE File, select  ALL Files .

Step 5 : Then from the top of it in  File Name write CCcam.cfg and save it .

Step 6 : Looking for More Steps ? Sorry for disappointing you 🙂 Thats it, your CCcam.cfg file is ready to be used

Important : remember it`s vital that the first two C`s be in Caps Letters.

How to Create CCcam.cfg file