A little more than two years back, Dream Multimedia dispatched its DM800 HD – a hello there def recipient into which a 2.5-creep hard drive could be fitted, subsequently transforming it into a solitary tuner PVR.

Dreambox DM800 HD review

We were sensibly awed with the general usefulness of this minimal unit, which possessed much the same volume as a vast soft cover.

Running the mainstream Enigma2 firmware, its substitution gains by two years of innovation advancement. A key distinction to its ancestor is that the processor has been redesigned from 300MHz to 400MHz, which ought to help responsiveness.

The OLED show has been moved up to shading, and you now get a “genuine” HDMI port rather than DVI.

Appearance and availability

In different regards, the two collectors are fundamentally the same. The DM800 HD SE is marginally bigger than its ancestor (225mm x 145mm x 52mm) albeit both are adjusted off with close indistinguishable polished frontages.

As just a standby catch is given, you’ll require the UEI-made handset (which is likewise perfect with numerous brands of TV) to work the unit.

The vicinity of that modest showcase, which is brilliant however must be perused close up, allows you to grouping through radio stations without powering up your TV. Under a fold is the twin card-peruser – which, as a matter of course, backings the Dreamcrypt restrictive access framework. With various firmware or modules it could bolster diverse CAMs; no CI opening is available.

The DM800 HD se is fueled by an outside 12V mains unit. Leverage of this isolates methodology is cooler running, and that the collector could be controlled from a suitable 12V DC source – a disputable issue for explorers. So, there’s a peaceful top-mounted cooling fan whose running velocity can be changed in the setup menus.

The single tuner, as some time recently, is pluggable. You get a solitary DVB-S/S2 tuner which can be supplanted with an advanced physical or link one. For sure, Dream supplies a trade back board for this very inevitability. What a compassion that the included satellite tuner does not have the loopthrough yield of the first DM800 HD – that doubtlessly positions as a minimization?

The restricted back board space swarms with availability. It’s conceivable to switch the (single) Scart yield between composite, S-video, segment (up to 1080i) and RGB – all joined by stereo sound. At that point there’s HDMI, which is prescribed for the best results with advanced presentations.

Notwithstanding the typical modes ( 720p 1080i ) are resolutions improved for PC screens. In the event that for reasons unknown you would prefer not to introduce a hard inside the device , operation with outside drives is permitted.

Appearance and connectivity Dreambox DM800 HD


To this end, we’re furnished with an outside SATA (eSATA) terminal and two USB ports (the last can’t be utilized for recording). A third smaller than expected USB port is planned exclusively for “administration” capacities like firmware overhauls – the RS232 port of the old DM800 HD is gone. At last, we have Ethernet, a simple modem jack and a computerized sound yield.


Introducing a hard drive is a five-minute occupation – not minimum in light of the fact that just a solitary force/information connector should be connected to your 2.5-inch SATA drive, which screws to an inner section.


how to setup Dreambox DM800 HD


As said, the DM800 HD se is pre-introduced with the Enigma2 firmware. A progression of wizards effortlessly directs you through the procedure of introducing the recipient. They cover dialect, TV framework, time zone, introductory dish/DiSEqC setup and hunting down channels – all parameters that can be adjusted later if wanted.

A key favorable position of the Dreambox/Enigma methodology is its module engineering. There are a considerable lot of these, serving a scope of various applications. Among those included out of the case is a convenient test-design generator to offer you some assistance with optimizing show complexity and splendor.

Another is devoted to positioners. Surely, the DiSEqC abilities are great; notwithstanding 1.2, this recipient bolsters USALS and basic 1.0 switchboxes. The greater part of the typical controls for dish development are available.

Seeking can cover single transponders or complete satellites – you can likewise advise the beneficiary to look for all stations or just FTA ones. There’s additionally an included satfinder module that brags vast sign quality/quality reference diagrams for the picked transponder.

Manual seeking offices are to some degree meager; in spite of the fact that FEC can be altered, Enigma2 doesn’t permit PID passage. Likewise unfortunate is the absence of visually impaired inquiry. It’s a compassion that no module yet exists for this. Robotized different satellite quests are, in any case, allowed.

Different menus spread diverse parts of design. In the AV menu you can pick different resolutions, invigorate rates and perspective proportion defaults – lip-sync, sound modes and upscaling sharpness are additionally movable here. At that point there are capacities like parental-control, plug-ininstallation, client interface customisation and preparing (designing) the HDD for recording.

Fundamental use

Likewise with other Enigma-based recipients, diverts are masterminded in records known as bundles. These are gotten to in a station determination menu, from which the rundown can be sorted one after another in order, by satellite/supplier bundles, or ‘top picks’. It’s anything but difficult to change bundles as indicated by inclination.

In the wake of selecting a channel, squeezing the “information” catch yields an EPG-determined depiction of the present system. A cool component here is that you’re cautioned to ‘comparable telecasts’, contingent upon the accessible EPG information.

Dreambox DM800 HD basic use

Discussing which, an EPG (another module) which bolsters now-and-next and seven-day calendars, is additionally available from here offering two modes. The primary spotlights on one channel’s calendar, while alternate permits you to see what numerous channels are putting forth inside of a given time opening. On the off chance that the applicable EPG information is in the machine, the name of the project right now being show by the station is exhibited contiguously – together with a running-time ‘reference diagram’.

Recordings can be booked by means of the EPG – manual clock programming and “moment” recording are offered as options.

PVR and interactive media

With one tuner on board, you can watch and record diverse channels gave that both are on the same transponder. In the channel list the confined number of accessible administrations are highlighted. Not as adaptable as an out and out twin-tuner PVR, however advantageous, in any case.

At the point when a recording is in advancement you can see either this or a current one – the “video” catch shows the rundown of accessible recordings. Pressing so as to timeshifting is locked in delay; playback can be continued whenever the timing is ideal, and the vehicle controls used to skip promotions.

One more of the included modules is a capable media player. Content put away on USB media can be played – or you could exchange interactive media records crosswise over to the HDD through FTP. Another module includes system perusing/record spilling.

Dreambox DM800 HD pvr


It might be good with an extensive variety of substance that incorporates DivX/XviD, MPEG, mkv/x.264 and MP3 sound, yet the media player isn’t great. Some substance doesn’t fill the screen since it’s being shown at local determination, and there’s no zoom capacity. Unintuitively, a different “PicturePlayer” module is required for photographs.

Moving back to the positives, another key point of preference of Enigma2 is the web interface module. Channels can be remotely chosen from here – you can likewise begin or quit recording, access EPG information and calendar clock occasions.

In the event that you have VLC Media Player introduced on your PC, then you can remotely see the presently tuned direct in a window. Existing recordings put away on the outer HDD can likewise be gushed or downloaded by means of the system – even while the machine records another project.

Other modules provide food for an extensive variety of potential outcomes. Among them are YouTube, web radio, video altering, Google Maps and AV sync modification.

Dreambox DM800 HD Performance


Be that as it may, we couldn’t physically introduce any from the applicable ‘deal with expansions’ menu and none of the as of now accessible modules will synchronize the recipient’s clock to a client characterized TV station or web time server. That is a compassion, in light of the fact that the audit unit’s clock ran so astoundingly quick that its clock was near futile. It picked up a stunning 20 minutes overnight!


Disgraceful timekeeping, unmanageable modules and media playback scaling issues separated, the DM800 HD SE performed well.

Similarly as with the DM500 HD, the tuner dependably clutched channels from Astra 1x and Hot Bird. Not quite a bit of an issue, you may think, but rather the test being referred to included a 45cm dish, multi-LNB and climate that was not as much as perfect.

The client interface, menu framework and channel determination were all observed to be exceptionally responsive – an advantage of the quicker processor. Looking was sensibly quick, despite the fact that there were infrequent delays. We think that there’s an association with DVB-S2 administrations here. AV quality, from SD and HD channels, is great – particularly by means of HDMI.


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Dreambox DM800 HD review

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